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Welcome to WhenAmIOn.com

WhenAmIOn.com is a web-based application offering automated drag-and-drop employee scheduling for retail stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, call centers, and many other types of businesses all over the world. WhenAmIOn.com offers scheduling, time clock, payroll, and reporting functionality. There is no software to download and WhenAmIOn.com allows managers to create/change the schedule from anywhere and allows employees to check their shift schedule from anywhere!
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  • For Owners/Managers:  WhenAmIOn.com speeds up the scheduling process through the use of templates and drag-and-drop scheduling. Managers no longer need to worry about rembering who asked to be off when, WhenAmIOn.com will remind you. WhenAmIOn.com offers reports to breakdown and analyze your projected and actual labor costs as well as a tardiness reports and others. To use the drag-and-drop functionality, managers should use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later.
  • For Employees:  WhenAmIOn.com allows employees to see their schedule, trade shifts, claim unfilled shifts, and request time off . Employees can see their schedule online rather than calling in and asking an employee what their schedule is.  Employees may use any modern browser.